Reinhard Kardinal Marx

Reinhard Kardinal Marx

Archbishop of Munich and Freising

During their education, lawyers learn that according to the code of procedure, truth means the accordance of facts and statements.

This seemingly simple combination then reveals itself as being highly in need of exposition, and even the obligation to the truth may find its limits.

And so lawyers learn that there is a forensic truth, that the law distin-guishes between truth and conviction, and that realistically the law is satisfied with the conviction. A legal textbook pointedly remarked that the judge would be overwhelmed, were his task not just to seek the truth, but to find it.

With Christ & Jurist e.V. engaging the topic of truth in this conference, another aspect – and challenge – beyond the purely legal perspective is added, namely to find deep impulses to further the understanding of the meaning of truth through the Christian faith.

The problem with truth is rooted in the fact that man cannot rely on himself, not on his mind or strength, nor on his environment. In order to preserve his life, he needs to seek a foundation to build on. Therefore it is not surprising that the Hebrew word for truth, emet, means „firm“, „valid“, „binding“, and that with it the Old Testament qualifies God as the true God.

Today, the meaning of truth, be it understood legally, philosophically, theologically or in an everyday sense, and the personal reflection upon it still has not been fully clarified. Therefore, I as the Archbishop of Munich and Freising am glad to welcome Christ & Jurist in the Kardinal-Wendel-Haus in Munich, as they will engage these questions in their conference.
I wish you a deeply stimulating conference with good encounters and impulses that will leave an impression upon your professional life.