J. Singhammer

Johannes Singhammer

MP, Vice President of the German Bundestag

Patron of the Congress

Jurisdiction always includes finding the truth. But what is truth? Is there a binding, legally objectifiable truth? Don't we have to consider both sides of the coin to find the truth? And is the truth of yesterday also the truth of tomorrow – or does truth change with time, as is suggested by the jurisdiction of the German constitutional court?

These are some unanswered questions that are worth being discussed among lawyers. And as part of this discussion, the convention held by „Christ + Jurist“ seeks to connect two seemingly irreconcilable areas: the world of legal truth and evidence, and the world of faith. Yet one would be unthinkable without the other. For it was the Judeo-Christian foundation, in faith and values, that made Europe what we are now proud of: a continent of truth, justice, and freedom.

„Law does not equal justice“ – a common, yet overly simplistic statement, for I contend that without justice, there can be no universally accepted law, and on the other hand, without positive law, no one can effectively demand justice.

However, in the end, truth can't be grasped in a final sense. Therefore the tension for lawyers in their everyday life remains to nonetheless find truth and judge accordingly. The goal of this convention is to address the problems that arise from this tension with both a scientific and philosophical outlook. Therefore I'm looking forward to helpful content and discussions that will aid us as Christians in our daily striving for truth.

Being a parliamentarian representative from Munich, let me also welcome you warmly to Munich!