"Christ und Jurist" (German Christian Legal Society) is an interdenominational network of legal practitioners that brings together more than 1000 Christian lawyers, judges as well as law professors and students who live out their faith in their profession.

It was founded in 1997 by a group of law students and since that time weekend conferences have been held twice a year dealing with spiritual and legal topics with contribution from well known speakers. Among these topics were, for example, "Christian perspectives on criminal defence" or "The influence of changing moral values on the legal system". Another topic was the Kingdom of God. In May 2012 the topic of justice was discussed during a large congress in Frankfurt/Main. In 2014 "Christ und Jurist" held a conference on "Truth" (Wahrheit) in Munich which was well attended by jurisprudents not only of all occupational backgrounds but also from six continents. Many international guests also took part in our 2016 conference on "Freedom" in Stuttgart.

The conferences have attracted participants from all Christian denominations. One of the challenges of the network is to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance between participants from the different churches, as well as between practitioners from the different legal professions. The main issue has always been to bring into harmony Christian faith and the exercise of the legal profession.

In addition to the half-yearly conferences, various regional groups hold meetings. Specific problems relating to faith and the legal profession are dealt with.

Until 2011 there was little publicity to the conferences because of a rather word of mouth advertising. 2012 the May conference on justice was the first one to be advertised publicly as a congress with the result that around 200 legal professionals attended. In anticipation of such a large public event "Christ und Jurist" had decided to found a non-profit-organisation in 2010, with now around 75 members. Active membership requires voluntary participation in an area of work in the organisation chosen by each member. There are different task forces such as the young professionals (for students), the international group, the public relations group or the group which prepares the worship services.

"Christ und Jurist" aims to become more integrated in the world wide community of Christian lawyers and to be a force for justice in the world. Since 2011 "Christ und Jurist" has been a member of Advocates International, a world wide network of christian lawyers. In 2014, "Christ und Jurist" welcomed the Global Council of Advocates International to its congress in Munich. In 2018, "Christ und Jurist" and The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship (LCF) from the UK organised a European conference in Berlin, the "50 Nations" conference, with colleagues from all across Europe attending. The aim of the conference was to seek to encourage the various Christian lawyer networks across Europe to be salt and light for Jesus Christ in the legal profession. "Christ und Jurist" has good relations to several Christian lawyer networks in Europe.

It is with joy that "Christ und Jurist" has agreed to convene an international conference in 2022 together with LCF, FLAG (Faith and Law Around the Globe) and "Christ und Recht". This convocation, "Our Time is Now", will be hosted in Cambridge/UK in September 2022.

We are happy to provide further information in English if you wish. Please send us a message using the contact form.