Das Anliegen von
„Christ und Jurist“ ist es, christlichen Glauben und juristische Arbeit so zu verbinden, dass der Einsatz für das Recht zum Dienst am
Menschen wird.

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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Maier

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Maier

Regional bishop (retd.), Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württemberg


Conferences where Christians and Lawyers meet are more than welcome in our current situation. They are a necessity! For what used to belong together at the beginning our European history has been drifting apart in our present day. When the European universities were founded in the 13th century, beginning with Paris and Bologna, theology and legal sciences were connected most closely with each other. Even the main reformers, Luther and Calvin, were both theologians and lawyers at the same time. Therefore it was a rather unfortunate development when especially in Protestantism the Gospel and the law were increasingly seen as opposites.

Today, a different development pushes into the foreground, taking leave from the Christian tradition and only feeling obliged to secular humanism, thus in the end only sanctioning the social consensus. How do Christians and Lawyers deal with this development? The congress in Stuttgart from April 29th to May 1st could make an exciting contribution to this discussion.